Is Using A Vape Safe?

How Safe Is Vaping From Electronic Cigarettes?

Now that electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have become more mainstream, there have been many people wondering if they are safer than cigarettes. The answer is yes, they are much more safer than cigarettes. This article will examine why vaping is much safer than smoking cigarettes.

Most e-cig users do not use disposable e-cigarettes produced by tobacco companies like RJ Reynolds. Instead those that quit smoking and vape exclusively use Advanced Personal Vaporizers, or Vape Mods. The vape mods contain much less nicotine than a cigarette, and are designed to be much more flavorful than other e-cigarettes.

Another reason that vaping is safer than using regular cigarettes is the ingredients in the e-juice. Organic vegetable glycerin is the first ingredient, which helps produce a decent amount of vapor.

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Propylene glycol is added to help carry the flavor of the vape. Some confuse propylene glycol to be like antifreeze, but that is completely incorrect. Even asthma medications like inhalers use propylene glycol.

Nicotine is also usually included in e-cigs. However many people that vape use e-cigs that contain no nicotine whatsoever. Of course these are the safest e-cigs to vape with. Looking into the best vape mod industry, the majority of sales contained e-liquid with a small amount of nicotine to zero nicotine at all.

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The bottom line is that the majority of the people who vape are actually trying to quit smoking, and lower the amount of nicotine they use. Low to zero nicotine e-liquid outsells moderate to high nicotine e-liquid by over a two to one margin.

Many e-cig users that vape really enjoy the flavor of the e-liquid in the vape. The lower the nicotine in the e-liquid the better the flavor.

Vaping is much more safe than regular cigarettes. The majority of people who vape use a low amount of nicotine, or no nicotine at all. E-cig users want to enjoy great flavors, so the e-juice they use has low to zero levels of nicotine. The low levels of nicotine make vaping safe.